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Do you like to dress up in historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes?


Do you watch DVDs or videos with your finger on the pause button so you can get a better look at costumes?


Do you spend so much time in the fabric store that the staff knows your name?

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Then get together with like-minded individuals and let your true talents shine through.  The Ohio Costumers Group in a fledgling society aiming to promote friendship and education among Ohio’s far-flung costumers.  Join us today and have some costumed fun!

The Ohio Costumers Group aims to welcome Ohio costumers of all skill levels and eras.   All eras and modes -- including Medieval, Renaissance, SCA, Celtic, Victorian, Modern, Fantasy, and more -- are welcome.

We hope to sponsor costumed events and educational opportunities for Ohio’s costumers, but we need your help.  Join us and promote the group to your friends and community.  For more information, contact the webmistress.

Join the group! Join us!
Mailing list Join the mailing list for the most up-to-date chatter.
Events Check out what we have planned and submit your ideas for future events.
Ohio resources For your costuming-related needs
Flyer Download this flyer (in Word format) to promote the group in your community.


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